Forth Wanderers - Unfold

By David Dean Burkhart · 11,324 views · 4 months ago
"Unfold" by Forth Wanderers. From "Slop EP."

Forth Wanderers:

I’m expanding my YouTube channel to include a music recommendation section. So on top of the found footage music videos, I’ll also be sharing songs (without the videos) that I’m enjoying at the moment. I’m hoping the channel can become a source of discovery for (mostly) new indie and lo-fi music. Again, I still plan to make music videos, so be on the lookout for those (and some other new things) in 2017.

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Hope you keep
A penny in your pocket for me
Heads up for luck
'Cause I need it'
Cause I need it

I'm not yours to play with
I'm not yours to trick
I can't sleep when I'm uneasy
I get in my head
Please relieve me

I know I'll find
I know I'll find
One of my kind

I don’t do what I'm told
Help me unfold
I need to unfold

I've been tired of hearing fake speeches
Needless to say I'm in love with you

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